Laser Hair Removal

We have a Lumenis Duet Laser Hair Removal System. This technology allows safe, quick, and long term control of unwanted hair for all skin, and hair types, that is virtually painless.


The laser hair removal procedure uses the accuracy of the laser, set to a specific frequency that is calibrated to your specific skin type, to select individual hairs to be removed at the hair's folicle.


What to expect:


Clients are asked to refrain from prolonged, and direct sun exposure, as well as any other hair removal techniques; including and not limited to, waxing, plucking, and chemical hair removal products prior to, and immediately following all laser hair removal treatments.

The laser hair removal process has been compared to a "plucking" or a "rubberband snapping" sensation. The after effects are similar to sunburn, and any irritation prior to and immediately following each treatment will intensify these reactions. 

Results from treatment:


Treatments are done in cycles, each cycle is typically 5-6 sessions at least 4 weeks apart.

In some cases, an apparent overgrowth of hair is seen, this temporary overgrowth is because human hair grows in phases, the timing of the sessions and frequency is to ensure that hair is removed in each growth phase.


Clients with darker skin, and/or lighter hair may require more sessions to ensure optimum results. We reccomend that clients purchase package treatment plans to maximize results, and minimize costs.