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When you want to look your best and feel younger, turn to your skin-care team at Maple Lawn Cosmetics in Fulton, Maryland, in the Baltimore area. Kuldeep Singh, MD, PA, runs a one-stop spa services shop that provides skin rejuvenation, body contouring, skin toning, laser hair removal, spider vein treatment, excessive sweating control, and varicose-vein remedies. Call the clinic to schedule your appointment, or book online now.

Spa Services Q & A

How can you get rid of stubborn fat?

It’s a common problem. You do everything you can to control your weight by dieting and exercising, yet you still have bumps and bulges that won’t go away no matter what you do. At Maple Lawn Cosmetics’ medical spa, you can choose body contouring to eliminate those final fat pockets once and for all.

Dr. Singh uses the latest technologies, lasers, techniques, and tools to provide the most advanced spa services. For body contouring, he uses Smartlipo by Cynosure to blast your fat without surgery or other invasive procedures.

What can you do about varicose and spider veins?

As you age, your veins can lose some of their structural integrity. Though they are not often a serious problem, varicose and spider veins are often linked to circulation problems.

In the clinic, you’ll relax in your private room while Dr. Singh or one of his registered nurses glides a laser wand over your troubling veins. In a few weeks, the veins atrophy and the blood changes course through normal veins deeper beneath the surface.

Some vein treatment involves a procedure called sclerotherapy. It’s not surgery, but Dr. Singh uses a microscopic needle to inject your bulging or spider veins with a solution that causes them to recede. In time, your varicose and spider veins disappear, and your other veins accommodate the rerouted blood flow.

How can you get rid of excessive or unwanted hair?

Men and women flock to Maple Lawn Cosmetics for hair removal. It’s a top spa service that offers long-term results.

The team at Maple Lawn Cosmetics loves to use the Cynosure Icon™ laser because it works to stall hair growth at the follicle without causing any damage to surrounding tissue or skin. Dr. Singh customizes the laser treatment to maximize your comfort and the accuracy of the procedure.

Don’t let spider veins, unwanted hair, stubborn fat, or signs of aging affect your quality of life. Let the skin-care specialists at Maple Lawn Cosmetics take care of you. Call the office to learn more about the clinic’s elite spa services, or use the online scheduler to book your appointment at your convenience.